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    Researching ways to understand how we rebuild values, professionally and personally.

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    Identity, transition processes, multiculturalism, collaboration, adaptation, flexibility, reinvention, proactivity, independent work.

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    We offer insightful ideas and specific guidance towards a more coherent and meaningful holistic life.

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    Throughout scientific inquiry, we discover unexplored paths and help to walk those paths.

Research Labs

A Research Lab is a set of laboratories created to apply qualitative human and social research methodologies and methods to rebuild core values within organisational management. Based on Grounded Theory methodology and using Action-Research as a tool: diagnose, plan, action, evaluation and reflection will generate a transforming and innovative way to rebuild efficient and optimized multicultural systems.

Collaborative Labs

The Collaborative Laboratories are experiences designed to reflect on personal VALUES that impact daily diversity management. The topics discussed are related to diverse environments such as schools, universities, families and other social groups of interactions. They aim to foster reflection on how to change and transform values, principles and beliefs that affect us all collectively.

Participants are welcomed in every lab using a focus group structure. Thirty minutes of academic literature presentation, followed by structured focus group discussion and finalized by a brainstorming.

Next Events

3 September 2016 14:00 - Diversity Management for Start-ups (Lecture organized by IDIAP.ch - Martigny)

23 September 2016 17:30 - Innoversity (Supporter of conference in partnership with EPFL - Lausanne) : Read more

30 Novembre 2016 18:00 - Collaborative Lab - Diversité et Innovation  en Joaillerie et Gemmologie (Dübendorf, CH) :  Inscriptions ouvertes

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