What is our vision of multiculturalism and diversity?

Diversity is a system. Sixty years ago in United States of America, the Afro-American community stopped to accept silently discrimination, stigmatisation, violence and criminal abuse from the white male power system established since the discovery of the American continent centuries before.

In the beginning the aim was to establish civil rights and social justice.Diversity as a system evolved to positive discrimination, which is the establishment of quotas among the white male power system, including and integrating women and other minorities within white the male capitalist system.

Consequently, the political and legal implementation of diversity imposed some redistribution of wealth. 

As a result, the resistance from the main system slowed down the acceleration of diversity as a democratic and most egalitarian politic and economic system. 

In times of AI accelerated pace, global capitalism has, inevitably, to learn how to deal with multiculturalism and diversity management in order to redesign its economic evolution.

About DiversityLab

DiversityLab.org is a multidisciplinary research and management consulting in social applied sciences: Law, Economics and General Management.

I offer innovative optimization on multicultural management for small and medium organizations and individuals.

ResearchLab is a cycle of research created for SME to transform organizational culture.  Applying academic methodology and method I generate and recommend innovative, customised and sustainable strategies to rebuild corporate culture.

CollaborativeLab is a semestrial AfterworkLab. A learning experience designed for individuals. It is a multidisplinary partnership, an innovative coworking process aiming to build through action new ways to practice multicultural management on a daily basis.

I research ways to understand how people rebuild values, professionally and personally. Identity, transition processes, multiculturalism, collaboration, adaptation, flexibility, reinvention, pro-activity, independent work.

I propose to discover unexplored paths and help to walk those paths to achieve excellence in Switzerland and around the globe.

Labs are delivered personally or virtually anywhere around the globe in English, French or Portuguese. 

Joyce Binder

Born in Curitiba-Brazil, I am a jurist and researcher speaking 4 languages (English, French, Portuguese, Spanish).

More than twenty years of broad expertise. I am a multidisciplinary expert on law, economy and general management, a lawyer transformed into social scientist.

As a global entrepreneur (double citizenship) I have managed multicultural teams and projects in very diverse fields from theater stages to health industry corporate research projects.

In 2007 parenthood became reality in Switzerland as well as DiversityLab.org.

Constantly researching, writing, working and reinventing myself personally and professionally, I am the founder of diversitylab.org where I work as researcher and consultant in Multiculturalism and Diversity management.

Research & Consulting: academic literature analysis, academic mentoring in scientific writing, thesis supervision as external expert, grounded theory and action research.


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