Diversity is a system. Sixty years ago in United States of America, the Afro-American community stopped to accept silently discrimination, stigmatisation, violence and criminal abuse from the white male power system established since the discovery of the American continent centuries before.

In the beginning the aim was to establish civil rights and social justice.Diversity as a system evolved to positive discrimination, which is the establishment of quotas among the white male power system, including and integrating women and other minorities within white the male capitalist system.

Consequently, the political and legal implementation of diversity imposed some redistribution of wealth. 

As a result, the resistance from the main system slowed down the acceleration of diversity as a democratic and most egalitarian politic and economic system. 

In times of AI accelerated pace, global capitalism has, inevitably, to learn how to deal with multiculturalism and diversity management in order to redesign its economic evolution.

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