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How do you invest your time to secure our chances to build a more equal and sustainable planet?



During my international professional life, trainings and workshops on multiculturalism and diversity management within organisations became part of my long-life learning strategy. A considerable amount of money has been invested by organisations to improve multicultural and diversity management through all layers of the organisational hierarchy, without a ninety percent of success.

Why? Hypothesis by observation and experience: it is worthless to invest on training in the workplace when the real issue remains untouched, the family culture.

In 2015 an opportunity to take more effective action happened when I moved from Lausanne to Zürich. After several years of observation on undervaluing behavior among adults and young children towards the stay at home parent, CollaborativeLab was created in Zürich in 2015, to fight that hypothesis back. How? I may try to accelerate transformation and promote cultural evolution and innovation through CollaborativeLab.

As a parent and a global entrepreneur having my office at home, my discourse and practices on equality and ethics must be daily coherent. Coherency consolidates the set of values that I believe structure ethical behavior.  If human beings want to continue to have a planet to live, it has to start from the very beginning, in the family.

In applying gender equality and ethics daily at home, I lead by example. I convey in a day to day basis how culture of change & processes of innovation can be structured. Valuing paid and unpaid work, provided by both parents, is at the heart of my family culture.

Solid values are structured and learnt within the very first organisation that we are all part of: family.  

This is why CollaborativeLab is a multidisciplinary partnership, an innovative co working process aiming to build through action new ways to practice multicultural management on a daily basis.

CollaborativeLab is constantly changing and evolving. It is also where I invest my time to secure our chances to build a more equal and sustainable planet. What about you?

CollaborativeLab edition 2017 is complete two weeks before the event and I thank you and  for your trust on this partnership. I thank you all.

CollaborativeLab is moving and edition 2018 is already full of surprises., It is different. 

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